About Us

GEM Company Ltd. Was founded by authorization of Belgrade`s Trade Court. No. I-92630-00, issued on 5th of May 2004, and is authorized, among other activities, to provide private security services, Group 8010 and 8020.

Private security activity code 8010 scopes one or several following services: protection and patrolling, money, documents and other valuables collection and transport with help of personnel and protection fo this valuables during the transport, while activity code 8020 regards observance and distance observance of electronic protection system, as are anti-burglar or fire protection ones, including our set-up and maintenance of those systems.

Besides security and physical-technical protection services, GEM Company staff is trained to perform anti-diversion and armament of clients/visitors check-up, guarding of clients-visitors armament during visits, in fire protection and other services regarding protection and security activities, all as requested by employer.

Due to lack of qualified staff on the market, regarding private security services, we organized self-expertly training of physical-technical security personnel, independently or cooperating with other institutions. Our employees are trained to provide physical and technical security services, money transport escort, fire protection and their own health and safety at work. In cooperation with National Employment Services and within our own expert physical-technical security training centre, we had several dozen graduates from NES who were later employed by our company. At certain positions, where possible, we employed several people with disabilities from the NES list. Besides, part of our employees are taking Martial Arts and Bodyguard courses organized by GEM Company in cooperation with Mr. Ljubomir »Ljuba« Vracarevic and his SPORT-ART Company.

GEM Company personnel is equiped with high-tech MOTOROLA communications with a base station within our operational centre and vehicle on duty. Territory is covered by repeaters enabling undisturbed communication via radio-connection  between security personnel guarding facility and those on the move. For our employees to perform their duties, by needs or security evaluation, they are armed with various gun types from various manufacturers. Also, GEM Company owns needed and purposeful car park consisting of seven grade protection money transport armored vehicles, special money transport and valuable documents vehicles as well as numerous passenger and field vehicles.