Physical security

Physical security represents direct or indirect protection of given facility, property and transported goods, as well as observance of close or wider vicinity and people residing within. Protection is aimed at prevention of theft, damages, annihilation or other shapes of harmful performance towards property and possessions, the actual prevention of life and health imperil, as well as physical and psychological integrity and privacy of persons secured and persons in secured facilities.

Quality physical security is based on quality operational and prevention measures, complex facility security evaluation, security risk and threat evaluation and expected sources and shapes of possible endangerment. Basic physical security factor are human resources. With all above-mentioned, particular attention is paid to selection, medical records check-up as well as psychological and physical capabilities of candidates, along with their preparation and training for the job of physical security. Basic physical security employee standards and conditions are:

– Average age of employees in the company is 35;

– Physical and psychological abilities checked previously via medical at allocated medical centres;

– Security suitability – every candidate is obligated to provide evidence of non-criminal record or that there is no ongoing criminal charge against him. Besides, if management appraises that certain job positions are of particular risks, there is an additional security check-up;

Besides all mentioned, every candidate is called for a preliminary talk at personnel services for a determination of particular security services working conditions – resoluteness, bravery, tidiness, overall refines, communications skills and overall language, cooperation, individual and team working skills etc. For the occasion, candidate is asked to show his level of computer skills, up to the level of being able to follow technical support of tracking system at the secured facilities

Around half of our employees speak one foreign language, most common English, particularly at job positions requiring communication with foreign citizens.

We are able to comply to different and specific needs of a client, considering one-third of our employees has a certificate for weapons use, the actual PPZ expert examination test passed with flying colors.