Technical Security and Protection

Technical security and protection represents technical, anti-diversion, anti-theft and fire protection measures for protection of facilities, property, goods and persons in transport by use of technical  means and equipment.

At our 24-hour operative centre, we monitor anti-theft and video signals and receive info on secured property safety. In case of alarm and other critical security situations on given property, we intervene with our own personnel with information passed to our services users and, if needed, we inform police as well.

Aim of taking up these measure is alarming, neutralizing and preventing unauthorized, secret or forceful entry to property, zone or area secured, uncovering and removal of explosive, poisonous and other harm-causing substances, as well as detection and elimination of fire risks.

Besides physical and technical barriers, for protection of certain significant facilities and restricted space within, we use high-tech technical resources. This mean of protection has irreplaceable role of human resources quality served by technical goods. For this job positions we employ respective number of people from informative, telecommunications, mechanical engineering and other professions.